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Women have boobs and they breastfeed, so we put that on billboards nation wide for tooshies by TOM.

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We build brands; from the conceptual and strategic work that guides the formation of them, right through to the words and design consumers experience.

The Foundations:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone Of Voice Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Creation
  • Naming
  • Concept Development

The Finishings:

  • Art Direction + Campaign Creation
  • Product + Campaign Photography
  • Content Writing
  • Social Strategy + Content

The Framework:

  • Packaging Design + Copy
  • Website Design + Copy
  • EDM Design + Copy
  • Brochure Design + Copy

The one thing our varied clients have in common is a progressive view on branding and an understanding that the only thing scarier than a new idea, is an old one.


frank body

Naming / Brand & Communications Strategy / Tone of Voice Development / Web / Packaging / Press & Flyer Copy / Art Direction & Production / Social Media Strategy / Manage On-going Content

Coffee-based skincare that makes babes feel like babes.
Everything. Willow & Blake’s founders created frank body as a case study for what they could do when given complete creative freedom. We put our money where our mouths are, by funding the brand we were building and building the brand we were funding. We think it’s a pretty good case study.
Everything. Name & brand development, tone of voice, social media strategy, art direction, packaging, EDMs, & campaign creative.
The beauty industry is full of jargon, hyperbole and copycats. We decided to buck the trend, being honest, upfront & original. It was this thought process from which the name and personality of frank body evolved. Using this concept we developed a social media strategy focused primarily on user generated content, an original tone of voice and influencer outreach. Four and half years later we have over 690K Instagram followers, 5.4 million searches in google and over 2 million products sold in over 144 countries. The reason frank worked? A great product, good timing and a willingness to develop an original idea, not copy something that was already being done.

Saint & Scholar

Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Website Copy / Packaging Copy

When a man loves a grape and another man loves a grape, something beautiful happens.
A brand identity that would stand out from the crowded shelves and connect to younger audiences, away from the BS the wine industry is full of, that articulated their vision for a wine inspired by faith and reason.
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Website Copy
Packaging Copy
Partnering with Voice design agency, we developed a story that highlighted the experience and passion of two of their great winemakers, building it into a comprehensive story, or in this case a love story. With a casual yet premium voice, we showed that their wine is made to enjoy, not dissect.

tooshies by TOM

Campaign Ideation / Campaign Copywriting / Campaign Design / Art Direction / Paid Social and eDM Copywriting / Social Content Creation

A change that feels good.
To positively communicate how our choices today impact our children’s future. A choice like choosing a nappy that’s baby and planet friendly. It’s in our hands. And arms.
Campaign Ideation
Campaign Copywriting
Campaign Design
Art Direction
Paid Social and eDM Copywriting
Social Content Creation
12 billboards, 45 panels, exposure to 800,000 people. We developed a campaign that positioned nappies as a piece of technology and Tooshies as the future. It encouraged new parents to feel empowered – not scared – about the choices and changes that come with parenting. Apparently, up to 10 changes a day.


Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Tone of Voice Guidelines / eDM Copy / Campaign Copy / Collection Naming

The heart of the Australian summer.
A fresh, engaging, and updated tone of voice in an increasingly competitive space dominated by new, online retailers. Also, to remind everyone why they first fell in love with Seafolly.
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Tone of Voice Guidelines
eDM Copy
Campaign Copy
Collection Naming
We got sand in our eyebrows. We also got people to fall in love with not only Seafolly again, but summer itself. We developed their brand identity to be more than bikinis and Bondi, but one that celebrates their rich history, legacy, and community. We’re now splashing ongoing international campaigns across their offline stores and online touch-points.

Journey Retreats

Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Web Copy / EDM Copy / Branding & Collateral Design / Info pack Design / Apparel Design

A little slice of paradise, with a side of burpees.
A fun, vibrant brand identity to communicate the yin and the yang their retreats represent, without ever saying those words.
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Web Copy
EDM Copy
Branding & Collateral Design
Info pack Design
Apparel Design
We kept it fresh as their approach to wellness, with a bold visual identity and TOV to match. We took their approach to higher living and made it eye-level, with authentic conversations that answer the call to both the fitness guru and the gym rookie. Beer puns, definitely included.

Halo Sport

Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Web Copy / Social Media Strategy / Content Creation

Take Charge.
An electrolyte sports drink, HALO Sport needed to change the way people hydrate. They also needed to effectively & cleverly communicate taste, function, and lifestyle to their potential customers.
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Web Copy
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation
We developed a brand platform that put the customer in charge: of their workout and their hydration. We brought energy, movement, and inclusivity to the space; without dissing regular water, other competitors, or any types of physical activity. Their Instagram following grew within weeks, leading HALO Sport to partner with NYFW, keeping everyone hydrated- the right way.
clients-willow-and-blake-pana-chocolate https://i1.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-pana-chocolate-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200

Pana Chocolate

Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / Packaging Copy / In Store Copy

Even the best chocolate doesn’t sell itself.
Already a popular bricks & mortar store, Pana needed to bring to life their products in the crowded health food space. They needed to cement their tone and their personality, online and in store.
Tone Of Voice
Website copy
Product descriptions
Packaging Copy
In Store Signage
We created marketing materials to support Pana’s retail team with a global roll out, enabling them to successfully place their product in the hands of consumers in 24 countries. By following the tone of voice guide created, Pana has grown it’s social following to over 250k followers. Our words - the feature on Pana’s premium packaging - helped them secure the Premiers Design Awards for Communication Design, in collaboration with our friends at TCYK.

Elephant Financial

Tone of Voice Development / Naming / Web Copy

A mortgage brokerage that promises not to forget you after they’ve met you.
Help. Because everyone distrusts brokers, bankers and bro-bankers. In an industry known for it’s lack of authenticity and corporate jargon, this client needed a brand that stood out and reflected their ethos of genuine relationship building.
Tone Of Voice Development.
Web Copy.
They got a name that resonated with their brand values and a tone of voice that enabled them to grow their social presence in a category that often struggles. Our friends at Elephant went on to become finalists for the 2017 Better Business Awards and Mortgage Association Awards and have since doubled the size of their team. They even helped our co-founder, Jess, secure a mortgage for her first home.
clients-willow-and-blake-teff-tribe https://i1.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-teff-tribe-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200

Teff Tribe

Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / Packaging / Content Strategy

A small grain doing big things.
Teff had a great product, but they needed a brand identity. They needed a voice that would help them stand out on shelf, on social and in the minds of consumers. Most importantly, they needed to make sure people knew what teff actually was.
Web Copy
Content Strategy
Established a voice and message hierarchy for the brand, with a focus on explaining what the unknown grain was and the benefits of it. We developed a style guide for communications and a social strategy to assist their retail team with pitching for ranging.

Elle MacPherson Body

Tone of Voice Development / Art Direction / Social Media Strategy & Management / Influencer Relationships

Sporty and sexy are no longer mutually exclusive.
In September 2016 The Body launched a new lingerie brand in Australia, UK, and the US. They needed social media strategy that would put them on the map prior to gifting season.
TOV Development Art Direction Social Media Strategy and Management Influencer Relationship Management And dressed down for Elle.
We delivered a social media strategy that differentiated Elle Macpherson Body from its competitors both visually and tonally. Our social strategy saw their page grow from from 0 to 13.5k Instagram and 2800 Facebook followers in 6 weeks.
clients-willow-and-blake-grilld https://i0.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-grilld-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200


Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / Social Media Strategy / Content Creation / Burger Naming / Campaign Concepts

Burgers done good for writers who love to eat them.
Grill’d has been a household name for 14 years, and while the burgers have been good since the start, their communications and social media needed a refresh to stand out in the busiest scene in food.
Tone of voice.
Web copy.
Social media strategy.
Content creation.
Burger naming.
Campaign copy.
Well Georgie had a Veggie Vitality, Aidan had a Simon Says with pineapple, and their Instagram is up 10,000 followers in 12 months.
clients-willow-and-blake-australian-cultural-fund https://i1.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-australian-cultural-fund-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200

Australian Cultural Fund

Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / EDM Copy

Make Culture happen.
Created by the Australian government in 2003, ACF funds arts projects of all sizes. But the rise of easy to use crowd-funding platforms had left them out of touch to a large part of the art community. They needed to refresh their brand to appeal to a new generation of art lovers.
Tone of voice
Web Copy
Style Guide
With communications centered around the concept ‘Make Culture Happen’ we removed the high brow government jargon and humanised the arts. In 2016 they raised a record $2.7million to support 340 artists.
clients-willow-and-blake-polished-man https://i0.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/clients-willow-and-blake-polished-man-3.jpg?fit=1200%2C1450

Polished Man

Painted a Nail / Tone of Voice Development / Social Media Strategy / Content Creation / Web Copy / Brochure Copy / Flyer Copy / Radio Scripts / Management of On-going Content

Nail it to end it.
A tone of voice and strategy that matched the importance of the cause, but still created a movement and encouraged people to nail it to end it.
Painted a nail.
Tone of voice.
Social media strategy.
Content creation.
Web Copy
Brochure Copy
Flyer Copy
Radio Scripts
Management of on-going content.
We nailed it. In 2016 we grew their Instagram from 0 to 20,000 followers in 3 months and put in place a strategy to maintain relevance outside the campaign period, too. Oh, and helped raise awareness and $1,000,000 in 2016.
clients-willow-and-blake-noya https://i0.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-noya-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200


Tone of Voice Development / Naming / Web Copy / Packaging Copy / Product Descriptions

Spread the nut.
The Royal Nut Company have been in the nut industry of over 20 years. They wanted a new brand that was modern but would still represent their family values and appeal to health conscience foodies.
TOV Development
Web Copy
Packaging Copy
Product Descriptions
We started where the company began; Brunswick. From here came the name NOYA (or North of the Yarra). It's fitting to cement the brand in the roots as now they are stocked all over Australia and the world.


Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / Internal Guiding Principles

Accountants that get *it.
A new voice with words and content that would connect to their audience, new and old, without sending them to sleep or undermining their credibility. Our words and their numbers; a beautiful story.
Tone of voice
Web copy
Internal guiding principles
We made *it happen. We translated all the jargon, numbers, and mish-mash that is the world of accounting, and made them into normal, human friendly sentences. Articulating what SEIVA does for people; they make *it happen. Whether *it is more free time with the kids, a dream home, global distribution, or just being able to pay off your mortgage.
clients-willow-and-blake-bang https://i0.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-bang-2.jpg?fit=1200%2C1450


Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / Social Media Strategy / Social Media Management / Influencer Strategy / Launch Strategy / Offline Activations / Flyer Copy / Paid Ad Copy / Photoshoot & Art Direction

Swarovski crystals that knows there’s two kinds of statements.
As a new jewellery brand, they needed to launch with a Bang. That meant developing a brand identity that would help sell a crystal necklace without getting to try it on.
The lot.

Tone of voice.
Web copy.
Social media strategy.
Social media management.
Influencer strategy.
Launch strategy.
Offline activations
Flyer copy
Paid ad copy.
Photoshoot and art direction.
Cut our hair.
We built the brand from top to bottom. Starting with the idea; swarovski jewellery representing the ideas of 1920s, lived now. For girls who wear hems short, hair shorter, and thumb the establishment. We then brought this to life with beautiful, relevant, and iconic campaign imagery that rolled out across the website, social and digital advertising.
clients-willow-and-blake-credo https://i0.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-credo-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200


Tone of Voice Development / Web Copy / Press Releases / Email Copy / Social Media Strategy / In Store Collateral / Ongoing Support & Brand Management / Campaign Concepts

Knowledge is beautiful.
This US based, clean beauty collective believe that knowledge is beautiful. We translated that belief into a strong tone of voice and all of the beautiful things that followed.
Tone of voice,
Web copy,
Press releases
Email copy
Social strategy
Offline collateral
Ongoing support and brand management.
Ditched the dirty.
We delivered a tone of voice that made Credo stand out at a time when the beauty landscape was becoming saturated. A voice that represents not only Credo, but over 100 brands that Credo carries. We challenged consumers to question their beauty behaviours and ditch the dirty in exchange for something clean, beautiful, and informed. We assisted with five store openings across the US - from in store collateral to media materials and social content.

Laser Away

Social Strategy / Social Management / Influencer Outreach

A US Beauty Salon that gives no fuzz.
Laser Away have 48 beauty salons across the USA. In an industry dominated by before & afters pictures and intimidating equipment our challenge was to make the unglamorous glamorous.
Social strategy, social management and influencer outreach.
We created a social strategy centered around the concept of #teamLA and No Fuzz Given.
Traditionally beauty procedures like laser hair removal and botox aren’t talked about, let alone shared across social. To combat this we utilised creative content, influencers and celebrities to create a community of women not afraid to talk and show the treatments they were having done.
From images with LA branding to videos mid-treatment, this strategy removed the fear and mystery of laser and created content for us to utilise across social while simultaneously generating a want and need for these treatments amongst the community. The strategy saw their Instagram page grow to 84.8K followers.
clients-willow-and-blake-rasied-real https://i0.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-rasied-real-2.jpg?fit=1450%2C1200

Raised Real

Tone of Voice Development / Content Strategy / Launch Campaign / Social Media Management / Influencer Outreach / EDM Strategy & Content

Baby food, minus the baby talk.
A start-up in the baby food market, they needed a fresh tone of voice to match their fresh design, and food.
Tone of Voice
Content strategy
Launch campaign
Social media management
Influencer outreach
EDM strategy and content
Most baby foods companies seem to think that parent’s only speak in baby talk. They highlight all the benefits of their product for the child and talk in a sing song voice. We built on this to speak to the parents about the benefits to them of using Raised Real, such as the convenience, and knowing exactly what is in each food pack. Plus we talked to them like adults. Turns out parents like that and investors do to with Raised Real raising $5million in their series A funding round.
clients-willow-and-blake-cattywampus https://i2.wp.com/www.willowandblake.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/clients-willow-and-blake-cattywampus-2.jpg?fit=1200%2C1450


Tone of Voice Development / Content Strategy / Web Copy / Influencer Strategy

A place for little bodies to play and big imaginations to wander.
The founders had an idea to create indoor teepee tents for kids: spaces for playing, dreaming and nostalgia. They needed a name and a personality that reflected the creative spark they wanted to ignite in little minds.
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Copy Rollout (website)
Content Strategy
We created a name and tone that walked its talk. A brand that didn’t talk about imagination, but actually had one. One that would stand out amongst the competition, appealing equally to parents and children: Cattywampus. It’s what happens when an elephant has purple hands and green toes. It’s the sound a flower makes when it turns into a spaceship. It’s a plane that can talk, in Spanish. It’s all gone Cattywampus. As it should; in the imagination’s playground.

We collect thinkers, creators and plants.

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